Friday, December 15, 2017

December 15, 2017

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Karcher Middle School Significantly Exceeds Expectations 2 years in a row!




  • The socks for the sock fundraiser have arrived!  Pick up will take place on Tuesday, December 19 from 2:00 - 4:00pm in the Karcher library.  
    • If you have not paid please bring your payment with you at the time of pick up.  Only orders where the payments have been fulfilled will be available to take home.  
    • If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Rummler (
  • December 25 - January 1 - Holiday Break.  
  • January 2 - School Resumes 
  • January 3-5 - 8th grade Outdoor Education (more information below)  
  • January 4 - Our Rube Goldberg Club will begin meeting after school every Thursday and Friday starting January 4 through March 23 from 2:35 - 3:15.  
    • Any students interested in engineering and creating is encouraged to attend!  If you have any questions the advisors for the club are Mr. Sulik and Mr. Yopp. (,
    • Click HERE to see the website about designing and building a Rube Goldberg Machine.  
    • The goal is to have one team or numerous teams compete against other middle school teams in April!   
  • January 15 - Students in choir interested in attending the Cleveland trip on May 4-6 can still sign up with Mr. Stoughton until January 15.  If you have any questions please contact Rod Stoughton ( 
  • January 23 - End of term 2!  
  • Course selection information for the 2018-2019 school year will begin towards the end of January.  More updates and information about course selections will be posted on the next blog.  
  • Items located in our lost and found should be picked up prior to our holiday break.  Common items in our lost and found are sweat shirts, jackets, t-shirts, and lunch boxes. 
    • Items not picked up by the December 22 will be donated to Love, Inc. during the week of January 2-5.  
8th grade information:  
  • January 3 - January 5 - Outdoor Education for our 8th grade students at Camp Timber-Lee, East Troy.  
    • January 3 - When it comes to student's bags for outdoor education they should bring their bags on the bus the morning of January 3 or parents/guardians can drop off your student with their bags the morning of as well.  
    • Supply List - A hard copy of the below supply lists were sent home with students this week for items needed for Outdoor Education.  If you have any questions about the supply list please contact the house teacher listed behind the below supply lists.    
      • Hive House supply list - Kurt Rummler ( 
      • Silver House supply list - Mike Jones (
    • Medical Information:  
      • If your student needs medication while at Outdoor Education the below link is the form we need on file for any and all medications.  All non-prescription and prescription medication needs to be on file and the actual medication(s) need to be dropped off in our health office prior to or by January 2.  
      • All medications dropped off need to be in their original containers and properly labeled.  
      • Link to the medication form.
    • Pick up on Friday, January 5 
      • Bus riders:  Students who will be riding the bus home will take their normal bus at the normal time on Friday. 
      • Pick-up students:  Students will return to Karcher around 2:15.  You are welcome to pick your student up right away at 2:15 on Wainwright Street, the gym side of the building.  Please park in the parking lot for pick up due to the need for our buses to utilize Wainwright Street.  If you would like to pick up but the 2:15 is not an ideal time you can also pick up on Wainwright Street (parking lot) between 2:35 - 2:40.  We simply encourage you to avoid picking up between 2:25-2:35 due to our dismissal and flow of our buses on Wainwright Street.  
  • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) candidates:  
    • The completion of five service hours is needed by January 23.  If you have any questions Stephanie Rummler or Mike Jones are the advisors to contact.  (,  

Extra Curricular Activities:
Students of the week for

Diamond House: Charles Beaudette
Charlie enjoys learning and is enthusiastic about all classroom activities.  He is very responsible and is prepared for class every single day.  Charlie is an active class participant and is actively engaged in every lesson.  Continue the great work Charlie!
Onyx House: Jessica Isermann  
Jessica consistently has an extremely positive attitude, she is always willing to participate, without hesitating she always lends a helping hand to anyone who needs it, and does all this with a huge smile! Thanks Jessica and keep up the great work!
Hive House: Paige Pirocanac
Paige always sticks to her convictions and is helpful to her peers and teachers.  She demonstrated great perseverance in her writing this week.
Silver House: Katie Rummler
Katie is always kind and respectful in class. She is team player and a role model for her peers. Keep it up Katie!  We appreciate you!
Applied Academics: Yariel Rodriguez
Yariel is a very respectful, compassionate, loyal, and kind student.  He is often seen helping others and being a positive leader in class.  He is extremely kind.  This week, he bought 40+ bags of popcorn and distributed them to his entire 4th hour and gave the rest to other teachers and students.  Thank you Yariel!!!

Students of the week for

Diamond House: Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia always gives her best effort in class, and her optimistic personality is a welcome addition here at Karcher.  She is well liked by both her peers and staff. Michelle is a great example of the Karcher Way!
Onyx House: Zoe Lipor
Zoe Lipor is always a model of the Karcher Way.  She is a sweet girl.  She takes her work seriously, always putting forth 100% effort.  Her willingness to help others is noticed.  We really appreciate her.
Hive House: Ethan Nienhaus
Ethan Nienhaus, the Hive Student of Week, has shown great leadership in our building.  Whether he is being a “turkey” or helping in the hallways or classroom. Ethan exudes the Karcher Way.  His academic exploits and contributions in discussions are to be commended.
Silver House: Isabel Dejesus
Isabel Dejesus is the Silver House choice for Student of the Week!  We love her positive  attitude and her random questions!  She brightens every class that she enters!  Keep it up, Isabel!
Applied Academics: Chelsey Olade
Chelsey Olade is the Applied Academic Student of the Week! She is a great listener & has a unique sense of humor.  In class she is always on task, willing to help other & do a bit of extra cleanup in the Art Room!
Students of the week for

Diamond House: Utopia Pasika 
She is thoughtful and intelligent student that isn’t afraid to think outside of the box.  She is a willing participant and leader in the classroom.  Utopia also has a positive attitude and always gives her best effort.  She is a great role model for others and a fantastic example of the Karcher Way

Onyx House: Tommy Schmidt 
Tommy is a wonderful example of the Karcher Way! He consistently goes over and above in everything that he does...his effort in his school work, the positive influence he is on all around him, his willingness to ALWAYS help in any way he can, and in the way he shows everyone he comes in contact with the utmost respect and kindness. Thanks Tommy and keep up the great work!

Silver House: Kaitlyn Hostyn 
She is a rock star in her classes.  She always does her best work and helps her peers to do so, as well.  She is friendly to everyone and brightens the class with her smile!

Applied Academics: Andrew Karnes 
Andrew always puts forth his personal best effort.  He  follows all the rules and expectations, and he encourages others to do the same.  He is polite and well mannered, and treats others with respect.  Andrew is honest and hardworking and he is  a terrific representative of one who follows the Karcher Way

Pictures from the last few weeks!  

Student council selling candy grams during lunch!

Mr. Eggers sharing his knowledge about the Civil War with our 8th grade social studies students! 

Students in life skills prepping the popcorn for their popcorn business.  

Students in 8th grade science, with Ms. Sturdevant, designing a light path for a laser to travel using mirrors.  

Students in Mr. Yopp's STEM class designing their bridge prototypes to determine their supply list while staying within the design budget.

The winter choir concert was a great performance on December 14!  Mr. Stoughton and the 7th, 8th, and vocal jazz ensembles performed a beautiful concert.  Well done!  

Students in Ms. Geyso's ELA class reflecting on their regrets and carrying those regrets around for the day as chains during their read aloud of The Christmas Carol.   

Students conferring with each other in Ms. Longoria's class during their literature circles. 

Great performances by our Orchestra and Band students last week for their winter concert! 

Wrestling is having a great season!  Below are some pictures from the home dual against Kettle Moraine. 

Student council and leadership students at the Oconomowoc Leadership Conference on November 22!  

Student Council serving our community on Tuesday for their fundraiser in order to purchase a Gaga pit for Karcher!

KCB Dairy Queen walking lunch!  

Students coding in Mr. Sulik's class!

Boys basketball is in full effect!