Monday, November 20, 2017

November 20, 2017

We have a NEW Facebook page!  Use the following web address to locate the live and accurate Karcher Middle School Facebook Page:

Our school report card is a repeat of last year!!!  We significantly exceeded expectations for the second year in a row!!!  Kudos to our staff and students!


  • Term 1 final grades are visible on Skyward.  
    • In order to view your student's final grade login to Skyward.  Click on "Portfolio/Report Card".  Once you are in the tab you will need to click on "17-18 Quarter 1 Report Card" to access your student's term 1 grades.  
  • November 22 - 24:  No School
  • December 4 scheduled parent/guardian/teacher conferences from 4:00pm - 6:00pm at Karcher.
    • Teachers will be contacting families of students they would like to see for these conferences.
    • Parents/Guardians can also request a scheduled conference with one teacher or with our team.  If you would like a scheduled conference please reach out to your student's teachers to schedule a meeting.    
  • December 5 - Karcher Orchestra/Band Winter Concert @ 7:00pm in the Karcher Gym.   
  • December 14 - Choir Concert @ 7:00pm in the Karcher Gym.  
  • December 25 - January 1 - Holiday Break.  
  • January 2 - School Resumes 
  • January 3 - January 5 - Outdoor Education for our 8th grade students at Camp Timber-Lee, East Troy.  
    • The next payment of 50 dollars is due November 17 to your student's 7th hour teacher.  

Demon Sock Fundraiser:

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Burlington Athletic Gear:
  • The following two links will take you to Burlington Athletic wear.  All orders should arrive prior to the December holiday break.  Items can be picked up in the BHS Althetic office between the hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm on December 20, 21, or 22.  
    • Both sites are open until November 26th!
    • Code:  BHSSPIRIT17
    Extra Curricular Activities:
    Students of the Week for 
    10/9 - 10/13


    Diamond House: Bella Stoughton
    Bella is an active participant and leader inside and out of the classroom.  She is kind and always willing to help others.  Bella is a great example of how to follow the Karcher Way!
    Onyx House: Rylee Hetland
    Rylee is an extremely hard worker who continues to show great perseverance and determination when things get tough. Thanks Rylee and keep up the great work!
    Hive House: Cassidy Santos
    Cassidy Santos, the Hive student week, displayed courage in a classroom setting as she took a leadership role.  Her continued work in the classroom and effort is to be commended.
    Silver House: Heather Carroll
    There is no “sugar coating” how awesome this girl is!  She fights for what is right and is not afraid to take a stand alone.  She is generous and kind to everyone.
    Applied Academics: Trinity Ludford
    Trinity takes the time and effort to finish her work, help others outside of class, and holds herself to a high standard.  

    Students of the Week for 
    10/16 - 10/20
    Diamond House:Bella Weis
    Bella is a responsible leader inside and out of the classroom.  She displayed great leadership skills while at the yearbook conference. She is kind to everyone and is a great representative of the Karcher Way.
    Onyx House:Emilie Runkel
    Emilie is delightfully personable and always willing to help. Her positive attitude and extremely pleasant demeanor are appreciated by both teachers and students. Thanks Emilie and keep up the fantastic work!
    Hive House: Raiyaa Huntress
    Raiyaa Huntress personifies the Karcher Way.  As she moves about our school, Raiyaa reaches out to others to help them have a great day and succeed in class. She has taken a leadership in her writing team and continues to excel academically.
    Silver House: Ean Noble
    Ean is a true gentleman.  He impresses all of us with his mature outlook on life and his strength of character.  He may call himself the Grumpy Dairy Farmer, but we see him as a positive force for good.
    Applied Academics: Josh Geldon

    Josh has always been an exemplary student.  He leads by example & has excellent sportsmanship.  Josh has shown to be generous and kind to everyone.  He does, “protect & serve,” the Karcher Way!  The best example I have is, during flag football, Josh made it a point to include all his teammates in the game, both 7th and 8th graders alike.

    Students of the Week for 

    Diamond House: Jake Christiansen

    Jake has shown exceptional leadership skills while here at Karcher.  He consistently goes out of his way to lead inside and out of the classroom.  His ability to include everyone and help when necessary have not gone unnoticed. Keep up the great work Jake!

    Onyx House: Erik Rebollar

    Erik has been doing a fantastic job putting forth his best effort. He displays the Karcher Way with his respectful attitude and determination to do his best.  Keep up the great work Erik!

    Hive House: Caden Taylor

    Consistency is the trademark of Caden Taylor. His quiet leadership in the classroom, academic achievement, and positive peer relationships are benchmarks all students can strive to achieve.

    Silver House: Trishelle Iniguez

    Trishelle is a true leader who is willing to speak out!  She goes above and beyond with every task and pushes herself to excel in all things.  She personifies the Karcher Way!  Go Trishelle!

    Applied Academics: Meagan Baumeister

    Meagan always exemplifies the Karcher Way.  She models positive characteristics within the classroom, always willing to go the extra step within the learning process.


    Diamond House: Delaney Mangold

    Delaney is a fantastic student that always gives her best effort.  She is well liked and respected by her peers as well as staff.  Delaney is a leader in numerous activities outside of class as well and is a great example of the Karcher Way!

    Onyx House: Nico Rios

    Nico always puts forth his best effort in every class.  He is polite, helpful,  and respectful in class, at recess,  and in the hallways at Karcher.  

    Hive House: Cali Brown

    Cali Brown, the Hive student of the week, has done an exceptional job with her classwork such as her writer’s notebook.  Her upbeat, positive attitude makes her a ray of sunshine for peers and staff.

    Silver House: Cody Dorn

    Cody is incredibly kind and respectful to everyone.  He brings his A game to everything he does and always challenges himself to excel!

    Applied Academics: Liam Barker

    Liam not only follows the Karcher Way, but also works to make sure others do too!  He is friendly and kind.  He puts 100% into into his work at all times, and you can count on Liam to set a great example of what quality looks like for all!

    Students of the Week for 

    11/6 - 11/10

    Diamond House: Faith Nofrey

    Faith is very responsible and prepared for class.  She is also kind to others and a great example of the Karcher Way.  Keep up the good work Faith!

    Onyx House: Caleb Weis

    Caleb is always focused on the assigned task, he exhibits leadership qualities, he eagerly contributes to class discussions, is kind to all, has an extremely positive spirit, and is just a fantastic young man who consistently models the Karcher way.Thank you Caleb, and keep up the great work!!

    Hive House: McKenzie Plitzuweit

    McKenzie has taken an extremely active role as student council vice-president and the school leadership team.  She continues to achieve in class and help others as evidenced by her excellent revision help in ELA class.

    Silver House: Megan LaRose

    Megan lives the Karcher Way. Her kind and responsible attitude set an example for all to follow and she is the Silver House Bunny Expert!

    Applied Academics: Braden Wittkamp

    Braden is an excellent of the Karcher Way. Braden consistently is responsible and works to the best of his ability. He is is always looking to help others and is a positive classmate to others. He routinely looks to make class better through his creativity and thoughtful class discussions.    

    Pictures from the last few weeks!
    The Lion King performance this past weekend at Karcher.  Students in grades 3-8 from the community were involved in the show!

    Students in Mr. Schmidt's class working on a historical timeline.

    Students in Mr. Jones's class working on pythagorean theorem problems and using technology devices, if they wanted to, to check their answers.

    Ms. Pelnar's art student's work on display! 

    Great job to our wrestling team with a 1st place finish at the Forest Park Invite!

    Students actively engaged in Ms. Geyso's classroom during the mini-lesson.  Ms. Geyso was demonstrating and explaining the success criteria, based off of the rubric, for their literary essay.  

     Mr. Rummler conducting a mini-lesson focusing on the conventions within student writing.  Mr. Rummler pulled up a mentor text in order to explain and find places within the text to model and explain proper conventions.  Students were then asked to look into their own writing to in order to edit and revise.

    Students in Mr. Rummler's class after transitioning from the mini-lesson to work on their edits and revisions.  

    Students in Ms. Stoughton's class working on estimating square roots. 

    Ms. Stoughton assisting a student with her understanding of estimating square roots.  

    Students in Ms. Sturdevant's class inferring and developing hypotheses around how waves create sound on an old school record using only a pencil, needle, and paper.  

    Students in Ms. Berezowitz's class analyzing seeds in order to determine the method of seed dispersal for each of the seed types located at each of the seven stations within the classroom.   

    Students in Ms. Rummler and Mr. Audenby's Social Studies class learning their fate on a specific day as they travel across the country on the Oregon Trail.  Students have an amount of money and cannot end up negative.  They have to make tough decisions along the way within their "families" depending on choices and circumstances along the way.  

    Students in Ms. Geyso and Ms. Riggs's ELA class working on revisions to their writing. 

    Our 8th grade students sold over 17,000 dollars worth of Kringles for the Outdoor Education fundraiser!  

    Mr. Block and Mr. Nelson have been working with all of our students getting used to utilizing the Go Polar Fit sensors and bands.  Students are able to see their heart rate, understand the importance of staying in their targeted heart rate zone, and were able to see how long they stayed in their targeted heart rate zone during the class period. 

    Students in yearbook collaborating with each other after school.  

    8th grade trip to Madison this past week!


    Students in Mr. Yopp's STEM class trailing their personally designed rockets.  Students utilized the design process to make one rocket out of only one straw, paper, and a little bit of clay.  

    Student council students at Camp MacLean working through team building challenges!


    Our Cooper and Waller visit!  Our Karcher students went to both Cooper and Waller to read books and discuss the importance of courage and the importance of positive relationships.