Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

Students of the Week for 9/18-9/22


Diamond House: Kane Walby

Kane has been a responsible leader inside and out of the classroom.  He has helped in ELA demonstrating the Karcher Way by helping throughout the classroom.  Keep up the great work Kane!

Onyx House: Megan Fitch
Megan is a fantastic young lady. Her efforts so far this year have always gone over and above what is expected of her. She has an exemplary work ethic, always shows superb engagement and participation in class, and she has an unflappable disposition. Keep up the great work Megan!!
Hive House:  Emily Ohm
Emily Ohm, a new student in our Karcher family, has made a positive first impression on classmates and staff.  She displays kindness at all times while maintaining a great sense of humor.  She is also very responsible with her work as well.
Silver House: Mattea Chamberlain
Mattea has impressed all of us with her positive leadership and strength of character. She is willing to stand up for what she believes is right and sees obstacles as opportunities!  Girl Power!
Applied Academics: Samantha Darville
Samantha has a fantastic positive attitude in both Exploring Music and Choir.  She is very helpful and goes out of her way to say good morning to me every day!  She is kind and considerate of all those around her and is a great leader by example.

Students of the Week for 9/25-9/29IMG_0494.JPG

Diamond House: Ethan Vanswol

Ethan is someone that is always following the Karcher.  He has stepped numerous times in class to assist others and is a great role model.  His positive attitude and kindness are great traits that have earned the respect of his peers as well as his teachers.

Onyx House: Bayli Ketelsen -

Bayli is always willing to help out, models the Karcher Way at all times, has an extremely sweet personality, and is always doing her job. She is very appreciated by her teachers!

Hive House: Austin Reeseman

Austin Reeseman, the Hive student of the week, has impressed with his ability to contribute in class discussions.  We appreciate his willingness to step up and share what he is thinking.  Even though he is new to our school, he has developed the respect of classmates and peers.  

Silver House: Zach Cowan

Zach is always focused and brings his A-game to everything he sets out to do. Whether in academics, extra-curriculars, or lunch, Zach can be counted on to do the right thing and encourage others to do so as well.  We appreciate his leadership and his strength of character!  His fabulous sense of humor is pretty great too!
Applied Academics: Brooke Pliska
Brooke truly follows  the Karcher Way in class by being kind (helping others), respectful of materials, & making  responsible use of her time.  She also shows integrity & honesty.  This week she found $5 in the hallway.  She showed great integrity & honesty by turning it in so the rightful owner could be found.


Diamond House: Adalie Rauch

Adalie Rauch is a great leader inside and out of the classroom.  She always has a positive attitude and is a great role model for each Karcher Character trait.  Keep up the great work Addie!

Onyx House: Dylan Carrasco

Dylan is a very conscientious student who shows a great deal of concern for his grade, a tremendous amount of engagement, always puts his best effort forward and maintains a positive, upbeat attitude in the process! Thanks Dylan and keep up the great work!!

Hive House: Izac Nienhaus

Izac Nienhaus made his mark this week in several ways, but the way he truly stood out with his kindness and loyalty to his dodgeball team at Friday Night Live.  He was so positive and was always willing to be the player who sat out since they had too many players.  In the classroom, he is AWESOME!

Silver House: Hunter Sagedal
Hunter is always kind and compassionate.  He seeks leadership opportunites and is respected by his peers.  We appreciate the example he sets every day!
Applied Academics: Kenna Kornely
Kenna is always putting forth outstanding effort. She is kind to others and treats people with respect. Kenna leads by examples, and she often encourages others with positive comments. Great job so far, and keep demonstrating the Karcher Way!

  • Parent/Teacher open conferences:  October 16 from 4:00 - 7:00pm 
    • All staff will be available in their classrooms to meet with parents/guardians regarding your son/daughter's academics and learning habits.  
    • Parent Social Media Conversation with administration and our police liaison officer, Jodi Borchart will be held in our Karcher library.  
      • This meeting is for parents/guardians only.
      • Those interested can attend the Parent Social Media Conversation at either 5:00pm or 6:00pm during our 4:00 - 7:00 open conference time.  You can talk with the teachers prior to this meeting or afterwards!
      • We encourage you to attend to assist with knowing what middle school students engage in with their technology devices.   
  • 8th grade parents:  
    • Parents of 8th graders who participated in the Kringle sale need to arrange for the order to be picked up from the Karcher School cafeteria on Tuesday, October 17th between 2:30 and 4:00.
  • Yearbooks are for sale for $25.  
    • Please make checks out to Karcher Middle School.  
    • If you have any questions about yearbooks please contact Barb Berezowitz, yearbook advisor.  
  • October 17 the Silver House 8th grade field trip to Madison.  
  • October 18 the Hive House 8th grade field trip to Madison.
    • Permission slips were due October 11!  Students can still turn in their permission slips but need to get those to Mr. Schmidt or Ms. Rummler ASAP!
    • Students should pack their own lunch for the day!
  • October 24 - Picture Retake Day.  Students who were absent or would like to retake their picture are encourage to take advantage on the 24th!  
  • October 26 - No school
  • October 27 - No school
  • November 8 - End of term 1!  
  • November 10 - Chicago Field Museum field trip for 7th grade. 
    • Questions please contact Ms. Botsford ( or Mr. Ferstenou ( 
  • November 16 - Strings Concert @ Dyer @ 6:30pm.  

Extra-curricular activities:
Note:  To participate in extra curricular activities all students must have a current physical on file at Karcher.  

  • If you are an 8th grader and participated in athletics during the 2016-2017 school year you will be required to turn in an alternate year card (blue).  
  • If you did not participate in athletics as a 7th grader you will need to submit the physical card (yellow) to participate.  
  • Incoming 7th graders most likely need to turn in a physical card (yellow).
  • All athletes will need to turn in either the blue or yellow card to participate prior to the first practice.  
Click HERE to access the physical paperwork (yellow).
Click HERE for an alternate year card (blue).  

  • Boys Basketball will start on October 30! 
    • Click HERE to access the game schedule.
    • 7th graders will practice from 4:15 - 5:45 the first week and the 7th grade coaches are: 
      • Eric Sulik (
      • Kurt Rummler ( 
    • 8th graders will practice from 2:45 - 4:15 the first week and the 8th grade coaches are:
      • Mike Jones (
      • Ryan Hoffman ( 
    • The coaches will get the full practice schedule to the students as soon as they can!  The practice times above may vary but are set for the first week of practice.  Please reach out to the four coaches listed above with any questions prior to the start of the season.
  • Wrestling starts on November 1!
    • Click HERE to access the meet schedule.
    • Click HERE for access to the BASD wrestling website.  
      • Concussion forms are located on this website for you to complete.  
    • All practices will run from 3:00 - 4:45.  
    • Please contact Mike Wallace ( or Jon Nelson ( with any questions!  
  • Bowling Club information:  
    • For detailed information click HERE.  
    • Permission Slip click HERE.
  • Vocal Jazz!  
    • Students interested in additional opportunities to participate in choir have the ability to join Vocal Jazz after school with Mr. Stoughton.  
    • Click HERE for the schedule!

Pictures from the last few weeks!

Students in Ms. Longoria's ELA class working on citing textual evidence and summarizing an article.

 Students art work from Ms. Pelnar's class displayed in the hallway... awesome creativity!

Students in Mr. Yopp's STEM class learning about rockets.  Their first rocket is with clay, a straw, and paper working on the design process.

Check out our awesome Student's of the Week displays by the main office and by the art display on the 7th grade floor!  Kudos to our student council students for your time and creativity! 

Some great work being done during iTime this past week where the focus is on ELA and math throughout the building through targeted instruction.  

Students in Ms. Jorgenson's iTime creating their own linear equations in order to solve the problem given. 

Students with Ms. Stoughton working on additional practice with algebraic equations.

Students with Ms. Sturdevant working on coordinates and finding slope.

Students with Ms. Riggs making connections within their novels by using actual puzzle pieces to show the connections.

 Mr. Ferstenou and Ms. Botsford's classrooms utilized the article below with the focus around questioning and the skill of debating.  

Outside of iTime we are in the swing of things!  

Students in Ms. Rummler's class reenacting the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  All students portray members of the Convention and debate the issues from the stand point of the state they represent.  In the end, they create a Constitution based upon the laws they have been able to agree upon.

All students met with Mr. Berezowitz and our police liaison officer, Jodi Borchart, to discuss concerns and proper use of social media devices and the impact of our actions and words on others.  

Students in Ms. Murphy's classroom working on an annotating strategy by reading for two minutes then noting items of importance in the margin.  Reading for another two minutes, annotating, and repeat.  Students then exchanged their marked up text with each other to determine what type of annotation the mark up was.

Danish Invasion this past Thursday within our 7th grade advisory groups!  Both the Danish students and our students did a great job! Always a positive when we can give our students additional cultural experiences! 

Our first FNL for the 2017-2018 school year was a success!  Around 120 students in attendance!

 Ms. Rummler's students were collaborating on their roles within their states for their whole group activity.  Students in math class were collaborating with their peers to solve solutions related to slope.  

Students in Mr. Schmidt's class having a friendly debate!  

Girls basketball!  8th grade won at the last second!  What a great game!  


Student Council Field Trip to Camp MacLean for some team building challenges!