Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017

Karcher Character Students of the Week
Every week five students will be chosen by our staff for "Karcher Character Student of the Week".  One student from every house (Onyx, Diamond, Hive, & Silver) along with one from the applied academic courses.  The 6th student is chosen from the Karcher Character Bucks students receive throughout the week.  All 6 of these students displayed positive character behaviors within our 8 focused traits:  

Be... responsible, respectful, kind, safe, honest, loyal, compassionate, courageous.  

Student's of the week for 
April 3 - April 7

  • Isabel Dejesus-Reyes: (Diamond)  
    • Isabel is a postive reflection of the Karcher Way. Isabel's academic success is a direct reflection of her being responsible and hardworking. She is consistently kind and compassionate towards her classmates and teachers.  Isabel shows her courage by her willingness to participate in class.
  • Morgan Klein: (Onyx) 
    • Morgan is a fantastic young lady who puts forth 100% effort all the time. She exemplifies the Karcher Way to a tee! Thank you Morgan for all your hard work, fantastic attitude, and your willingness to help others!
  • Jacob Kruse: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
    • Jake has a positive attitude and is always willing to lend a hand in class.
  • Jessica Kauth: (Hive) 
    • Jessica displayed great leadership and loyalty to her advisory by taking a leadership role in her video. She is a tremendous writer and continues to excel in class.
  • Emma Swantz: (Applied Academics) 
    • Emma has been a wonderfully helpful student in Exploring Music. Choir, and Vocal Jazz. She always leads by example and shows kindness to all her classmates. Emma continues to exemplify the Karcher Way every day in my classes.
  • Dominick Alvarez: (Silver)  
    • Silver House chose Dominick for having a great attitude and a fabulous sense of humor!

Student's of the week for 
April 18 - April 21
  • Alex Rodriguez: (Hive)  
    • Alex has a positive attitude towards life in general. His responsibility to his school work and compassion and respect he shows to peers and staff make him beyond awesome.
  • Dylan Baumeister: (Silver) 
    • Dylan comes into classroom everyday with a positive attitude and a willingness to put forth his best effort.
  • Kendra Baumeister: (Onyx) 
    • Kendra is a phenomenal young lady who consistently has an extremely positive attitude, is caring and kind to all around her, and takes pride in all she does. Thanks Kendra and keep up the great work.
  • Elizabeth Lind: (Applied Academics) 
    • Elizabeth has impeccable work ethic during class, setting an example for those around her. She take the concepts for projects and thinks outside of the box and holds herself to extremely high expectations in craftsmanship and application of art materials to create truly amazing and unique artwork.
  • Cathlyn Tayag: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
    • Cathlyn is a kind person who is thoughtful to others. She gives her best effort in class no matter how challenging the task may be. Her willingness to follow the Karcher Way is a great example for other students to follow!
  • Shaquell Daniel: (Diamond - not pictured)
    • Shaquell has been participating well in class and he works well with his group in science. Shaquell is also participating in track and is doing a great job!  He has shown growth in maturity this year.

Student's of the week for 
April 24 - April 28

    • Delaney Brien: (Hive)  
      • Delaney puts forth her best effort in the classroom at all times. George Washington has nothing on her honesty!  She continues to show courage in the classroom by consistently taking chances.
    • Brianna Swanson: (Silver)  
      • Brianna is always on top of things and challenges herself to learn!  She is a positive force in the classroom.
    • Hunter Sagedal: (Diamond) 
      • Hunter consistently demonstrates the Karcher Way. Hunter is a respectful and responsible student that is a pleasure to have in class. He is kind to his classmates and teachers. Hunter is an excellent example of the Karcher Way.
    • Jack Lind: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
      • Jack always has a positive attitude inside and outside of the classroom. Thank you for following the Karcher Way.
    • Emily Duesing: (Onyx)  
      • Emily is a wonderful young lady who has a fantastic work ethic. Emily consistently puts forth 100% effort in all she does and she does so with a smile and a great attitude. Thanks Emily and keep up the great work!
    • Hannah Sheetz:  (Applied Academics) 
      • Hannah consistently has a positive and hardworking attitude in class. She is a great role model for her peers and follows the Karcher Way every day!

    Student's of the week for 
    May 1 - May 5
    • Meagan Baumeister: (Onyx)
      • Meagan is a wonderful young lady! She consistently puts forth her best effort in all she does here at school. Her kindness and sweet demeanor don't go unnoticed. Thanks Meagan and keep up the good work!
    • Chelsey Olalde: (Diamond) 
      • Chelsey is helpful to other students and is always willing to participate in class. Chelsey is always making choices that align with the Karcher Way!
    • Ethan Vogt: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
      • Ethan shows the Karcher Way on a daily basis. He is kind by going out of his way to make other students feel welcomed. 
    • Lucas Wittkamp: (Applied Academics) 
      • Lucas displays the  Karcher Way everyday in class. He consistently works hard, has a positive attitude, and never hesitates to help someone out, great job Lucas!
    • Aaron Wasik: (Silver) 
      • Aaron not only excels in his academic endeavors, but he has also found ways to step into leadership roles. He is a role model for his peers!
    • Celia Inthamavong: (Hive) 
      • Celia showed great courage with her 800 meter run on Thursday posting her best time ever! Showing kindness to all, Celia's compassion to peers and staff is unparalleled. She has had an outstanding year.

    • Our students are currently working on their spring MAP testing within the areas of Math, Language Arts, and Reading.  We are excited to see the growth that students have made since January!!!  
    • May 18 - May 19  -  Our Safety Patrol students will be attending a trip overnight to the Dells with their lead chaperone Mr. Rummler for all of their hard work and dedication to our school! While there they will participate in some tours within the Dells, attend the Tommy Bartlet Show and spend some time at the Kalahari.  
    • May 19 - 7th grade Milwaukee County Zoo field trip!
      • Students will be leaving at the start of the day and returning prior to the end of the school day.  
      • They will be experiencing and viewing the Body Worlds exhibit while they are there!  Very cool! 
      • Any questions please contact Ms. Berezowitz or Ms. Hancock ( or  
    • May 23 - Our students who participated in the Regional Math Meet will be competing at the state level in Madison!!!  Our students took 2nd place at the Regional Math Meet qualifying them for state!  See pictures below of our students.  
      • Those participating if you have any questions please contact our lead math coaches:  Mike Jones ( or Grace Jorgenson (  
    • May 26 - Early Release, students will be dismissed at 12:00.  
    • May 30 - Last Band Concert of the year at 7:00pm in our Karcher gym.  
    • June 1 - NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) field trip to Madison.  
      • Students who want to attend need to have their 5 service hour completed by May 26.  Any questions contact Mike Jones ( or Stephanie Rummler (
    • June 2 - FNL (Friday Night Live) at Karcher from 5:30 - 7:30pm.  
      • To enter, students can use 2 KCBs, 2 dollars or bring 2 canned goods.  
      • The rest of their KCBs they have received throughout the school year can be used for raffles and other activities!  
    • June 6 - Day in the Middle 
      • Our 6th grade students will be coming to Karcher to assist with their transition to Karcher.  
    • June 6 - Pop Concert @ 7:00pm in our Karcher gym. 
    • June 9 - Last day of school!  
      • 8th grade recognition will be held on June 9 at 10:00am with doors opening for parents/guardians at 9:15am.  
      • The program will take place in our Karcher gym and run until approximately 11:15.  
      • Click HERE for the letter that was shared with you via Skyward.  
      • 8th grade recognition fundraiser form link!  
        • Students can enter the high school with their 1st "official" BHS Demon T-Shirt!!!  
        • There is also space on the form to assist with donating towards the 8th grade recognition program.  We appreciate any support you are able to provide!  
      • Those able to assist with breakfast donations and/or the organization of the morning of 8th grade recognition there will be a meeting on June 1st at 7:00pm to finalize plans for those involved with organizing the breakfast.  
        • A follow up email regarding this will be shared on May 11th.  
      • Please call Karcher with any questions!  
    Summer School Information:
    • Families interested in having their students participate in summer school below is our information:  
      • Current 7th graders can participate in courses provided within the following summer school booklet.  This would be for students who will be going into 8th grade next year.  If you have younger students as well this summer school booklet also pertains to elementary and Dyer offerings as well.  
      • Current 8th grade students, those who will be freshmen at BHS next school year:  
        • LINK: Summer Survivor Program 
          • This is a 2 week program for students who would benefit from exposure to the high school setting prior to entering the high school in the fall.  Our current staff put together a list of students they would recommend for this and those students attended a presentation last week and should have the paperwork already!  
        • LINK: High School Readiness Course
          • This course is offered to incoming freshmen that are recommended by our teachers who could benefit from continuous support in the areas of mathematics and/or reading/language arts.  
    • All registration forms for summer school can be turned into our Karcher office.  
    • If you have any questions about summer school please do not hesitate to contact Karcher - 763-0190.  

    Pictures from the past few weeks!

    Our Math Team took 2nd place at the Regional Math Meet!  They will be going to STATE in Madison on May 23!!!  Wish these students good luck!  Jacob Lyons (wearing orange) WON the individual math competition, congrats Jacob!  

    Track & Field is in full effect!

    Social Skills breakfast trip!

    Bill Campbell was recognized in April for his 31.5 years of serving as a school board member.  April was his last month serving on the board.  If you have the chance to thank him please do for his service!  

    Students in Ms. Pelnar's class working on stippling!  

    Students working on their 1900's timelines!

    Students in Ms. Stougton's class celebrating after a game of multi-step equations on quizlet!

    Jazz Fest Concert!  
    Rod Stoughton, Dustan Eckmann and our students did a great job!  

     Students enjoying their time at recess!  

    Pictures from FNL (Friday Night Live)!!! 

    Successful Culver's night for our student council!  They were able to fundraise just about 350 dollars!  Nice job everyone!  
     Southern Lakes Anthology Breakfast and Ceremony at Dyer!  First picture is 7th grade followed by 8th grade - Congrats to all of our students who participated!!!  Great work!

    Summer Survivor presentation in the auditorium with Jodi Peterson and Matt Nie (teachers at BHS and oversee Summer Survivor)  over 100 of our 8th grade students were in attendance! 

    Cinco de Mayo was this past Friday and students in Advanced Spanish created and decorated their own pinatas!  Awesome job to all of our students!  Loved seeing the creativity!  

    24 of our 8th grade students attended a Career Expo at the Kenosha Gateway Campus on May 5 - the students LOVED the experience! Thank you Gateway for setting up this event and for providing the opportunity for our students.  

     Our final spring Orchestra Concert of the year was a great performance.  The 5-8 grade students participated in a Star Wars theme and even added glow sticks to their bows and played Star Wars in the dark... mimicking lightsabers!  Awesome!

    Our home meet on May 8th.  Both our 7th grade teams took 1st place and our 8th grade teams took 2nd!  

    Partners 2 presentation to our 8th grade advisories.  The Partners 2 students are all high school students and shared their high school experiences and provided our 8th graders with some tips and helpful information to know prior to entering high school!