Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016

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Karcher Character Students of the Week
Every week five students will be chosen by our staff for "Karcher Character Student of the Week".  One student from every house (Onyx, Diamond, Hive, & Silver) along with one from the applied academic courses.  The 6th student is chosen from the Karcher Character Bucks students receive throughout the week.  All 6 of these students displayed positive character behaviors within our 8 focused traits:  

Be... responsible, respectful, kind, safe, honest, loyal, compassionate, courageous.  

Student's of the week for 
December 12 - December 16

  • Kirsten Damrow-Blinderman: (Silver) 
    • Silver House chooses Kirsten because she has a sweet personality and is always willing to give a helping hand to whoever needs it.
  • Rabecca Naber: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
    • Rabecca is very considerate towards her classmates and responsible with her work.
  • Matilda Crist: (Hive) 
    • Matilda is an exceptional learner and writer who pushes for excellence all the time. She is honest and kind while showing compassion towards her classmates.
  • Mason Vos: (Onyx) 
    • Mason lives the Karcher Way everyday. He sets a good example for his peers by always being on task. He participates in class, even when others are reluctant to do so. Keep up the awesome work Mason!
  • Ashley Smitz: (Diamond) 
    • Ashley is a quiet leader that is always following the Karcher Way. She always gives her best effort on classwork and is willing to help others. She is a great example of a high achieving student!
  • Simon Rigert: (Applied Academics) 
    • Simon comes to class daily ready to learn. His work is exceptional and his ability to positively lead others is appreciated.

Student's of the week for 
December 5 - December 9
  • Bradley Roe: (Diamond) 
    • Bradley is a creative thinker that always gives his best effort. He is well liked and respected by his peers as well as staff members. His leadership is a great example of the Karcher Way!
  • Jacob Cortez: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
    • Jacob is a hard working student who is always willing to lend a hand. He uses the Karcher Way by treating others with respect in the classroom and by being a good teammate in wrestling. 
  • Oliver Traxinger: (Onyx) 
    • Oliver is always polite, respectful and doing his job. He is an excellent example of the Karcher Way.
  • Minna Brown: (Silver)  
    • Silver house chooses Minna Brown. She always works hard, she volunteers to help and she always brings her own unique perspective to discussions!
  • McKeena Smith: (Hive) 
    • The Hive student of the week is McKeena Smith. Being new to our school, McKeena has done an excellent job adopting all parts of the Karcher Way, being friendly,kind,and respectful at all times.
  • Molly Rodgers: (Applied Academics) 
    • Molly is the type of student who goes the extra mile. Whether it's helping others be successful or taking time outside of class to create success, she always willing to lend a helping hand. 

  • School resumes on January 3!  
8th grade - Outdoor Education (January 4 - January 6):
  • Outdoor Education Supply List
  • If your student needs medication while at Outdoor Education the below link is the form we need on file for any and all medications.  All non-prescription and prescription medication needs to be on file and the actual medication(s) need to be dropped off in our health office prior to January 4.  
  • Emergency contact forms for Camp Timber-lee were handed out to students in advisory.  These forms are due by January 3rd to attend outdoor education. 
  • MAP testing will begin on January 10 within the areas of Reading, Language Arts, and Math.  

  • Girls volleyball will start on January 16th.  
    • All students need their physicals on file in order to participate.  
    • Please contact the following coaches with any questions:
      • Mike Jones or Kris Thomsen - 8th grade girls
      • Kaylee Longoria, Stacy Stoughton, Alyssa Riggs - 7th grade
  • End of second quarter is January 23rd. 
  • 7th grade career education will begin around the start of term 3.
    • This occurs opposite PE with our counseling department...  working towards career and college exploration.  
  • Strings concert is at 6:30pm in the BHS auditorium on January 31.  
  • 2017-2018 student scheduling information will begin at the end of January.  More details will follow in the new few blogs.  
Pictures from the week

Our character education Kindness Project with Waller and Cooper elementary students.  Our 7th & 8th grade students did an amazing job working with their elementary student buddy with reading and writing activities! 

Our Karcher community of students and staff this past week  enjoying the dress-up days and activities leading up to our holiday break.

Pie in the face auction with student KCBs!  

Karcher wrestling this past week.  They are having a GREAT season!

Kick me vocabulary strategy happening in Ms. Berezowitz and Ms. Hancock's 7th grade science classes!

Choir concert!

8th grade social studies classes experienced a living history moment when Civil War Speaker Jim Eggers came to give a presentation on the life of a soldier in the Civil War.  They examined artifacts, heard music from the time, and a few attempted to dance in a Virginia Reel.

Student council holiday get together this past Friday.  Cute idea for the gift exchange!

7th grade science students working with worms to observe their behaviors and their response to stimuli.  

Students in Computer Applications working on their own         "How to..." videos.

Students in 7th grade math class working in groups through a scaled formative assessment.  

Boys basketball!