Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 18, 2016

Karcher Character Students of the Week
Every week five students will be chosen by our staff for "Karcher Character Student of the Week".  One student from every house (Onyx, Diamond, Hive, & Silver) along with one from the applied academic courses.  The 6th student is chosen from the Karcher Character Bucks students receive throughout the week.  All 6 of these students displayed positive character behaviors within our 8 focused traits:  

Be... responsible, respectful, kind, safe, honest, loyal, compassionate, courageous.  

Student's of the week for 
September 26 - September 30

  • Gwen Busch: (Hive)  
    • Gwen is an outstanding student who asks great questions and displays awesome creativity. Her compassion and kindness towards her peers is always on display.
  • Maddie Erdmann: (Applied Academics)  
    • Maddie always is willing to help others on a project, does more than her fair share during clean up and has a smile at the end of everyday!
  • Timothy Filler: (Silver)  
    • Timothy takes on leadership opportunities and is not afraid to share his opinions and ideas. He is great addition to any debate or discussion.
  • Kyle Whitford: (KCB)  
    • Kyle is a model of the Karcher Way! He is appreciated for his effort, positive outlook, participation and responsibility. Keep it up Kyle!
  • Braeden Wittkamp: (Onyx)  
    • Braeden has shown great improvement in his effort and responsibility. He is participating in class, advocating for himself and correcting his work when needed. Keep up the great effort!
  • Keegan Skiles: (Diamond)  
    • Keegan is a quite leader that is always respectful to others inside and out of the classroom. He is a great example of someone who is always following the Karcher Way.

Student's of the week for 
October 3 - October 7

  • Maddie Roanhouse: (Applied Academics) 
    • Maddie consistently leads by example and follows "The Karcher Way."  She is a positive role model with a positive attitude no matter the circumstances.
  • Lyndzie Fox: (Onyx) 
    • Lyndzie portrays "The Karcher Way" with her manners, willingness to help, and outstanding participation. She is willing to take a risk answering questions, even when she isn't sure of the answer. Keep it up!
  • Elizabeth Lind: (Diamond) 
    • Elizabeth was exceptional in leading her group during class this week. She always demonstrates "The Karcher Way" and is respected by her peers as well as staff.
  • Arnulfo Lopez: (Silver) 
    • Arnulfo is always kind and goes out of his way to help people. We appreciate his positive spirit! Thanks Prince Arnie.
  • Shawn Gehrke: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
    • Shawn is always eager to ask questions and participate in class. He works well with his science group.
  • Cody Benzow: (Hive) 
    • Cody has positive interactions with his peers all the time, takes risks with his learning, and consistently takes on the leadership role.

Student's of the week for 
October 10 - October 14

  • Drake Branden: (Applied Academics) 
    • Drake is a great asset to our class. He is always willing to help others and is respectful to his peers. He always has a big smile on his face, shows great effort and outstanding participation.
  • Izac Nienhaus: (Onyx) 
    • Izac has demonstrated wonderful creativity with his iTime project. He consistently shows patience with his peers and regularly exceeds expectations. He is a great example of the Karcher Way.
  • Megan LaRose: (Diamond) 
    • Megan goes out of her way to help other students. She is very kind and caring and reflects the Karcher Way.
  • Brooke Schenning: (Karcher Character Bucks) 
    • Brooke is a loyal member of the safety patrol, displaying responsibility but always being there and helping others.
  • Samantha Naber: (Silver) 
    • Samantha takes on leadership roles and is not afraid to state her opinions and ideas! We love her bravery!
  • Dane Kornely: (Hive - Not pictured)
    • Dane stood out this week for his exceptional help for a classmate. Dane displays that helpful attitude consistently and is responsible and kind at all times.


  • 7th grade parents:
    • The Diamond House teachers have created a webpage for students and parents to access.  Below is the link which can be found on our Karcher Middle School website under "Parent Links".  
    • November 4th - 7th grade will be going to the Field Museum.
      • For information/questions please contact Brad Ferstenou ( or Katherine Botsford (
      • Click HERE to access the field trip permission slip.  Permission slips and payment are need by October 27th.
  • 8th grade parents:
    • Kringle reminder:
      • October 25 from 2:30 - 4:00 in the Karcher cafeteria students/parents/guardians can pick up their Kringle orders.  Email Mr. Jones or Ms. Sturdevant with any questions.  
    • First payment for Outdoor Education, of 50 dollars, is due on October 21.  Students should turn in their payment to their advisory teachers. 

Extra-Curricular Activities 
Starting October 31st:
  • Boys Basketball
    • Starts Monday, October 31 
    • Click HERE to access the Boys Basketball sign-up form.
    • Click HERE to access this season's game schedule.  This can also accessed on our Karcher Middle School website under "Athletic Activities Calendar".  
    • Please contact Kurt Rummler (, Mike Jones (, or Erik Sulik ( for questions.  
    • Below is the first week's practice schedule:  
  • Wrestling
    • Starts Monday, October 31 
    • Practices will always be held from 2:55 - 4:55 in the Karcher Gym on the balcony. 
    • Click HERE for the wrestling permission slip.  
    • Please contact our head coach, Mike Wallace, with any questions you may have.  (
    • Click HERE to access this season's meet schedule.  This can also be accessed on our Karcher Middle School website under "Athletic Activities Calendar".  
    • Additional information regarding Wrestling can also be found on the Karcher Athletics - Health Information link on our website regarding concussion information.   
  • All students wanting to participate in athletic extracurricular activities must have a physical on file.  All needed forms are found on the Karcher Middle School website.  Click HERE to access those forms. 
    • Any questions regarding your student's physical please contact Bonnie Crist, our health aide, at Karcher Middle School.  
      • Email: 
      • Or call Karcher - 763-0190

  • General school information:
    • We will be utilizing a block schedule on October 24 and October 25.  The purpose is to provide staff and students with an extended class period in order to accommodate larger projects, simulations, and/or other needed items.  Click HERE to view our block schedule.  
      • Odd day will be on Monday, even day will be on Tuesday starting with a 90 minute extended advisory where students will meet one on one with their advisory teacher.  We call this time Huddle Time.  Our goal is to ensure students know where they are at academically, set goals, and self-assess their progress.  Students will also be able to use this time to complete work and/or read their ELA books.  
    • Student's pictures will be handed out during advisory this week.  
      • The photographer will be returning to Karcher on October 25th for retakes and/or students who missed our initial picture day.  
      • If you are going to have retakes please have your student bring their original picture package back to school on the 25th and give it to the photographer. 
      • Students will be called to the library alphabetically. 
    • November 8th - Strings concert held at the auditorium at BHS at 6:30pm.
    • November 15 - Student Council field trip.  Contact Marilee Hoffman ( with any questions.  
    • FNL  (Friday Night Live) the next one will be Friday, December 2 from 6:30 - 8:30.  (2 dollars, 2KCBs, or 4 canned goods to get in)  
    • What is iTime and/or Extended Advisory time for? 
      • After the first 4 minutes of school students are either staying with the advisory teachers for extended advisory time or moving into their iTime groups.
        • Extended Advisory:
          • Every Monday students engage in lessons designed to focus on character development with focus around being kind, respectful, responsible, and safe.  
          • Throughout the school year we will sometimes have extended advisory for an entire week.  This week is an example of that with the focus being on bullying and providing students with strategies and supports against bullying behavior.  
        • iTime:
          • Every Tuesday - Friday (minus the week long extended advisory weeks) students are placed into a targeted intervention and/or enrichment group with a focus on either English or Math.  Students stay with the same teacher/focus for four weeks and then will be within a different English or Math iTime group depending on their individual needs.    

Regarding a needed donation for FNL:

Dear Parents,

As you may already know, we run a program here at Karcher called Friday Night Live.  We run 1 event per quarter and it gives students a place to come and hang out with friends after school in a positive and safe environment on a Friday night.  We host numerous different activities including dodgeball, basketball, ping pong, board games, video games, movies, outdoor activities during good weather and a concession stand.  Over the years our video game systems have gotten worn down, controllers have been broken and some of the games don't work anymore.  We were wondering if anyone had any systems, controllers, or games that they would be willing to donate to Karcher for our FNL's.  Right now we have 2 Playstation 3's and a Wii, but are in need of controllers and games for those systems.  If anyone has another system or controllers or games that are still in good shape that you would be willing to donate our students attending FNL would truly appreciate it!  

Please contact Mike Jones ( or call 763-0190) to see if we are in need of the system or accessories you may have that you are willing to donate.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Mike Jones

Pictures from the last few weeks of school...

7th grade orchestra working on a new piece of music with Mr. Eckmann.

BHS middle school cross country meet was a success!  Awesome to see the support and help from Karcher staff!

7th grade girls basketball... working hard as a team.

7th grade school forest field trip.  Students and chaperones enjoyed their time in the school forest!

Danish student presentations during advisory... was great to see the respect of our students and the exposure to other student's cultural backgrounds brought to our students to learn.

iTime groups in full effect!  Below is Ms. Jorgenson/Ms. Parr's math group in the cafeteria.   

Ms. Berezowitz's and Ms. Tenhagen's iTime groups working on understanding character development within their reading.  

Cross Country meet in Waterford! 

Here are some of our Karcher students at the Homecoming Football game!

Silver House meeting about Outdoor Education!

Basketball girls getting their game on this past week against New Berlin.  

Students waiting for their free breakfast!  Over 200+ students are taking advantage of the free breakfast... the number is climbing!!!

Students in Mr. Ferstenou's and Ms. Hancock's iTime working on creating their own superhero stories that they will create and record on their chromebooks.  

 Student's assisting each other within Ms. Pelnar's Art Design course as they work through understanding the importance of shapes within a 2D perspective.  

Students in Ms. Rummler's social studies class all playing delegate roles for the creation of the constitution. 

Girls cross country are off to a nice start of their season!