Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29th

Karcher Character Students of the Week
Every week five students will be chosen by our staff for "Karcher Character Student of the Week".  One student from every house (Onyx, Diamond, Hive, & Silver) along with one from the applied academic courses.  The 6th student is chosen from the Karcher Character Bucks students receive throughout the week.  All 6 of these students displayed positive character behaviors within our 8 focused traits:  

Be... responsible, respectful, kind, safe, honest, loyal, compassionate, courageous.  

Student's of the week for 

April 4 - April 8
  • Gwen Busch: (Diamond) 
    • Gwen is a new student and has quickly adapted to Karcher and "The Karcher Way." Gwen treats her classmates with respect, shows enthusiasm for her classes, and has an admirable work ethic. We are glad to have her as a new addition to the Diamond House. 
  • Elizabeth Stoffel: (Applied Academic) 
    • Elizabeth always has a positive attitude, consistently helps those around her, and is always wanting to know how to better her art work.
  • Victoria Vandan: (Onyx) 
    • Victoria consistently displays an extremely positive attitude, she is a very hard worker, and has a sweet demeanor that is appreciated by all who come in contact with her.
  • Cassidy Dorn: (Karcher Bucks) 
    • Cassidy is a responsible worker because she puts forth great effort and takes her time.
  • Sarah Hensley: (Silver) 
    • The Silver House has recently seen her seek out new challenges in her classes.  One of the highlights is taking on leadership roles in class.
  • Tyler Duesing: (Hive) 
    • Tyler is overall a rock solid pillar of our school, displaying honesty, responsibility, respectfulness and kindness to staff and peers.

Student's of the week for 
April 11 - April 15
  • Brent Vieau: (Silver) 
    • Brent had an absolutely outstanding defense of Serbia in our World War 1 Peace Conference.
  • Eban Winker: (Onyx) 
    • Eban's effort, attitude, and focus have improved tremendously. He is working hard to do his very best and we are so proud of his accomplishments.
  • Dawson Weis: (Karcher Bucks) 
    • Dawson was student of the week in science and continues to be a leader at track practice.
  • Kale Dietz: (Diamond) 
    • Kale always has a positive attitude inside and out of class. He is a creative problem solver that thinks outside of the box.
  • Alexis Carver: (Applied Academics) 
    • Alexis has shown tremendous growth this semester in orchestra. Her attentiveness and drive this quarter really show loyalty, courage, and responsibility as the standout attributes of our 8 Karcher Characteristics. 
  • Melissa Johnson: (Hive) 
    • Melissa is always exceptionally positive, industrious, and compassionate towards others.

Student's of the week for 

April 18 - April 22

  • Kylee McNamara: (Silver) 
    • Kylee always has a smile on her face and always looks for the chance to help others. She has a generous spirit!
  • Delbert Gasser: (Applied Academics)
    • Delbert is always friendly and works well with his peers. He is helpful and does a great job participating in class.
  • Dylan Thomas: (Hive) 
    • Dylan put forth awesome effort on his exam this week, displaying responsibility. He has also displayed courage by being a vocal participant in classes.
  • Delaney Brien: (Diamond) 
    • Delaney is a hardworking student that is always representing "The Karcher Way". She has been a quiet leader, but has become an active participant in her classes.
  • Brody Richards: (Onyx) 
    • Brody has a great personality!  He always has a smile on his face even when he's running laps on the track in boots. He is personable, polite, and works hard.
  • Alyssa Blicharz: (Karcher Bucks) 
    • Alyssa is a creative student with a real passion for drawing. She is friendly to all and will happily engage in conversations with everyone, especially her teachers.

Students of the week for 
April 25 - April 29

  • Kale Dietz: (Applied Academics) 
    • Kale is a hard worker and a positive influence in class. This week he has been extremely helpful by assisting his classmates with their Scratch projects.
  • Morgan McNamara: (Hive) 
    • Morgan's continued respectful and kind behavior in and out of the classroom is appreciated by her teachers and peers. She is an outstanding role model for all.
  • Emma Lashbrook: (Onyx) 
    • Emma is extremely polite, exhibits a positive attitude, is persistent in her work, and always responsible.
  • Jessica Salaja: (Diamond) 
    • Jessica always has a positive attitude and is kind to her peers. She always gives her best effort in class and is a great student.
  • Gabrielle Leesemann: (Silver) 
    • Gabrielle  has shown a willingness to challenge herself and has made excellent progress with goals that she has set for herself.
  • Lauren Fitch: (Karcher Bucks) 
    • Lauren puts her all into every endeavor she undertakes! She also makes amazing chocolate chip cookies :)

  • National Junior Honor Society students ONLY - Highway clean up is tomorrow!

    • Meet Ms. Rummler and Mr. Jones at 9:00 - 10:30 on the bypass between Hwy 11 and County Road A.  Email or call  Stephanie Rummler or Mike Jones for details ( or
    • Parent pick up is the same location as drop off at 10:30.  
    • Permission slips can be turned in at drop off tomorrow morning if necessary.  
  • Book Fair provided by Scholastic will be running from Monday to Friday (May 2 - May 6) in room 124 here at Karcher.  
    • This is a fundraising activity for our building that allows students to purchase high interest books for middle school students. 
    • Students will attend the fair during their English class on Monday, May 2 and be given a pamphlet regarding the books/items for purchase. 
    • Students will be able to make purchases during their library time or lunch time throughout the week.
    • Books can be purchased with cash, check, or credit card.
  • Walking Lunches KCBs:
  • We will begin our spring MAP Testing on May 9.  These exams show us each students academic growth from the fall, winter, to spring each year.  These exams help us determine proper placement for their academics.  
  • Safety Patrol field trip to the Dells will be May 19-20.  Email Mr. Rummler for details (
  • National Junior Honor Society Field Trip to Madison will be taking place on May 23.  Email Ms. Rummler or Mr. Jones for details ( or
  • 8th grade Holocaust Field Trip will be on May 27.
    • 100 8th graders will be allowed to attend.  Students will be chosen based on their response to a writing prompt for Mr. Schmidt and Ms. Rummler.
    • Any questions please email - Stephanie Rummler or Jack Schmidt ( or
  • 7th grade Zoo Field Trip will be on May 27th.  
    • Email Ms. Berezowitz or Ms. Hancock for details/questions.  ( or
  • Our final Band Concert will be held in the Karcher gym on May 31 @ 7:00pm.  
  • Our final Choir Pops Concert will be held in the Karcher gym on June 6th @ 7:00pm. 
  • Last day of school June 9th - students are dismissed at 12:00.

  • 8th Grade Recognition Information:
      • 8th grade recognition will be held on June 9 at 10:00am in the Karcher gym.  
      • Doors will open at 9:15 for seating.   
      • Students are expected to arrive at the normal start time of 7:10am.  
        • Just a reminder, this is a recognition ceremony highlighting your students transition into the high school.  We encourage students to wear casual/nice attire for the ceremony.  Please note, all school rules still apply regarding proper dress.  
        • More information will follow in future blogs.
      • Our final 8th grade recognition meeting is scheduled for May 16 @ 6:00pm in the Karcher library.  
        • We will be working on finalizing all necessary items:  breakfast, donations for gift bags, and time schedule.  
        • I will also be sharing information in regards to where we are at with things administration is taking care of for the event. 
      • The "keepsake" for the 8th graders will be their 1st Demon High School T-Shirt.  Click HERE for the order form and/or to provide a donation towards 8th grade recognition to help cover the costs for the event.  
        • T-shirt order forms are DUE by May 2nd. 

    • 8th grade Summer School information:  
      • Summer Survivor, a program to assist students with their high school transition, is being offered from July 11 - July 21, Monday-Thursday from 9:30 - 2:00.  
      • If you have any questions about the program please call or email Matt Behringer, assistant principal, at 763-0190 or  
Pictures from the week

Ms. Botsford's and Mr. Ferstenou team teaching their first lesson of the unit Rome.  Students flowed between Ms. Botsford's and Mr. Ferstenou's classroom throughout the activity.  

Students in Ms. Parr's Math 180 class working on comparing fractions through partner activities.  

Students in Ms. Sturdevant's class simulating bungee jumping with barbies to work on predictions, adjustments, problem solving, and creating an explanation of their math behind, "How many rubber bands are needed for barbie to jump 485 centimeters - no more, no less?"  

National Junior Honor Society - from March 21 - I missed adding these to the last blog!

Pictures from the Hive Discovery World field trip...

Ms. Hoffman & Mr. Block team teaching and assisting students with a jump rope routine.  

National Junior Honor Society Highway Clean Up on April 30.  Great job everyone and what a GREAT turn out!  Even found a full bike!!!

Book Fair items... will be set up from May 2 - May 6 with age appropriate, high-interest items for Middle School Students.

Ms. Waki's STEM students working on their partner roller coasters.

Ms. Pelnar's students working on the perspective unit...